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The first step of secret beautiful nails to get nice nails is to regularly use a hand and nail cream to keep the skin around your nails soft and hydrated. If you have dry hands, you’ll more than likely suffer from problem nails so get rubbing.


The cuticles are another important part of the nails and should be kept pushed back at all times. If you’ve never pushed your cuticles back, it’s best to use a cuticle oil (available from department stores and chemists) before you start. Oil should also be applied every few weeks to keep everything soft and smooth. This is the secret beautiful nails.

Filing your nails regularly is important to keep them in shape and get rid of any rough or sharp edges that can cause your nails to break. But remember to be gentle and use the file to shape the edges of the nails ONLY.

The next step to great nails is buffing which removes ridges from the surface of the nail and also gives your nails their shine. The key here is to be GENTLE working on the surface of the nail. Always work the buffer in small circular movements to smooth the surface and then use the buffer from side to side to finish up. Always remember to wash your hands or use a wipe after buffing and before applying your nail polish to make sure your nails are clean.

Even if you’re not going to apply a colour you need to coat your nails with a clear polish to protect them between peducure. Start off with a base coat which will prevent discolouration of the nail bed and then apply your colour. Wait for the first coat to dry before applying a second and finish off with a quick-dry top-coat. It will take about 20 minutes for your nails to dry completely so try to set aside enough time so you don’t end up having to re-do your polish.

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