A visit to No.1 Thai Massage in Newcastle’s Pink Lane is highly recommended.

You will receive a warm and friendly greeting at the door and from that moment on you can relax. A team of highly skilled women, well trained in the ancient art of Traditional Thai Massage, will help to release your physical and emotional stress. They can also help with a variety of injuries that affect muscle and bone. Or if you just need pampering they can provide that too. The surroundings are clean and well maintained and the ambiance is geared towards your complete relaxation.

Some people think of massage in terms of sex. As such, they will never benefit from Thai Massage. This tradition is said to go back to the Buddha’s personal physician. So we are already in the real of the physical body’s interface with a higher level of being.

Relaxation is the key.

In our modern world we are subject to stress. Lots of it. But stress is an unnatural force, brought about by unnecessary tension in the body. This tension, this stress (which sometimes manifests as pain) can cause a whole range of illnesses over an extended period of time. This is especially so if we have received a physical injury that has not properly healed. Continued stress can slow down the healing process, keeping the body from repairing itself fully.

We are subject to stress because we tend not to have a good relationship with our bodies. The body is largely under the influence of the demands of the outside world upon us. As such, we live outside of ourselves. We live “outside of our body”.

Thai Massage involves deep tissue manipulation.

It’s deep inside the muscle where stress accumulates as tension, most noticeably in the lower legs. There is a saying: No pain, no gain. It refers to Thai Massage. To isolate and work upon these deeply buried tensions can be a little painful. But the release of this tension, which can be felt for several days after a Thai massage, is well worth a few minutes of discomfort. It leads onto the all important relaxation of muscle, the releasing of stress and the letting go of negative emotions related to physical tension. As such, Thai Massage can bring about a less anxious mind, giving a taste of inner harmony and peace.

There is a need to be more connected with the inside. With sensation, muscle and the internal mechanisms of the body we inhabit. Without this natural connection we do not see the unnecessary tensions that accumulate. We do not see where stress resides within.

And whilst each one of us is a unique individual and our needs and expectations are not the same, nevertheless, the women at No.1 Thai Massage treat all those who pay them a visit with kindness, sensitivity and a quiet wisdom born of ages past. They will make you smile and you will want to return. For, as tradition tells us, Thailand is the Land Of Smiles.

Review by : Michael Carruthers

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Wonderful .... I went with my back and shoulder painful went for 90 minute Thai massages very contracture gives painless and very relaxed ... I recommend ...
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