Back and Neck Massage is a kind of relaxation. Which can treat muscle pain on the shoulders, back, neck and head in various areas as well by massaging each point? It will help various matters different for anyone who likes massage. You should go to massage with the masseur regularly. But if anyone does not want to waste money. We also have ways to encourage ourselves to tell the 8 positions.

If anyone has back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, headache, or muscle pain, use these massage methods, or you can do 8 postures to help relax the muscles. Which is tense during the day as well.

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Shoulder pain

Position 1

Use the index finger, middle finger and ring finger to press above the shoulder blades and shoulder blades. And then alternate sides.

Neck Massage

Position 2

Coordinate hands together in the occipital region. Use one thumb to press along the neck and neck…

Herbal Compress massage

Position 3

Using 2 thumbs on the sides, press 2 points under the hairline (press the elbow to make the water press) at the same time with sufficient force.

Arm Shoulder strength  Massage

Position 4

This position is to stretch the shoulder joint. It is an ascetic posture, beginning with the arms crossed, the legs crossed, the elbows bent one side. With the handle on the shoulder on the opposite side Use the other hand to hold the elbow. Inhale, exhale while pushing the elbow towards the body as much as possible. Breathe in, normally 3-5 times, then relax, make alternating sides of the left and right.

Swedish Massage

Position 5

This pose is an extension of the shoulder, sitting cross-legged with one elbow behind the head. The other hand holds the hand in. Inhale, exhale while pulling the wrist down as much as possible. Breathe in and out normally for 3-5 shells, then alternate both left and right sides.

Neck Head Massage

Position 6

This pose helps to stretch the muscles around the neck. Helps to relieve pain and neck pain in the posture of the hermit attentions, which states that Cure dizziness Meaning is sitting cross-legged One hand is placed on the lap, the other palm is placed under the ear. Inhale, exhale while pushing both hands (upper hand pushes the neck so the head is turned sideways. Lower hand pushing the lap) Breath in and out normally, 3-4 shells and then relax.

This posture 7

exercises the muscles of the neck and scapula to help relieve neck pain, headache and scapula pain as a hermit position, which states that Relieve wind, headache, sit cross-legged, upright, hands between the chest, inhale, slowly raise your hands above the head, exert pressure on the palms facing each other.

Back massage

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