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Back and Neck Massage is a kind of relaxation. Which can treat muscle pain on the shoulders, back, neck and head in various areas as well by massaging each point? It will help various matters different for anyone who likes massage. You should go to massage with the masseur regularly. But if anyone does not want to waste money. We also have ways to encourage ourselves to tell the 8 positions.

If anyone has back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, headache, or muscle pain, use these massage methods, or you can do 8 postures to help relax the muscles. Which is tense during the day as well.

A back neck shoulder massage is a great way to relax and relieve tension from the upper body. There are several steps involved in giving a back neck shoulder massage, including choosing the right massage oil, creating a relaxing environment, and using a variety of massage techniques. Here are eight massage positions and methods you can use to give an effective back neck shoulder massage.

1. The Client Lying Face Down:

Begin by having the client lie face down on a massage table or bed. Apply massage oil to your hands and warm it up by rubbing your palms together. Start at the top of the shoulders and work your way down towards the lower back, using long, flowing strokes. Use your palms to apply pressure and your fingers to knead the muscles.

2. Shoulder Blade Pinch:

Position yourself at the head of the massage table or bed. With your fingers, pinch the shoulder blades together and release. Repeat this motion several times to loosen up the muscles in the upper back.

3. Neck Stretch:

With your hands on either side of the neck, gently stretch the muscles by pulling the head upwards and slightly to one side. Hold the stretch for a few seconds and then release. Repeat on the other side.

4. Shoulder Squeeze:

Place your hands on the top of the shoulders and squeeze gently. Release and repeat several times to relieve tension in the shoulder muscles.

5. Upper Back Massage:

Use your fingers to apply pressure to the muscles on either side of the spine. Work your way down towards the lower back, using a kneading motion with your fingers.

6. Scalp Massage:

Move to the head of the massage table or bed and use your fingertips to massage the scalp. Use a circular motion and apply gentle pressure to relieve tension in the scalp and neck.

7. Shoulder and Arm Massage:

Position yourself at the side of the massage table or bed. Use long, flowing strokes to massage the shoulder and arm, starting at the shoulder and working your way down to the fingertips. Use your fingers to knead the muscles and apply pressure.

8. Neck and Shoulder Stretch:

Have the client sit up and place your hands on their shoulders. Gently pull the shoulders downwards and hold for a few seconds. Release and repeat several times to stretch the muscles in the neck and shoulders.

In conclusion, a back neck shoulder massage can be an excellent way to reduce stress and relieve muscle tension. By following these eight massage positions and methods, you can provide an effective massage that will leave your client feeling relaxed and refreshed. Remember to use a variety of massage techniques, including kneading, squeezing, and stretching, to provide a comprehensive massage experience.

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Neck Point Massage

Trigger Point for Shoulder

Use the index finger, middle finger and ring finger to press above the shoulder blades and shoulder blades. And then alternate sides.

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Press with Your Thumb

Coordinate hands together in the occipital region. Use one thumb to press along the neck and neck…

Massage Neck and Shoulder

Points Under The Hairline

Using 2 thumbs on the sides, press 2 points under the hairline (press the elbow to make the water press) at the same time with sufficient force.


exercises the muscles of the neck and scapula to help relieve neck pain, headache and scapula pain as a hermit position, which states that Relieve wind, headache, sit cross-legged, upright, hands between the chest, inhale, slowly raise your hands above the head, exert pressure on the palms facing each other.

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