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If you’re looking for a Thai massage parlour tailor made to your needs, the Number One Thai massage in Newcastle is the place to be.

With our modern lifestyles many of us are living in a constant state of stress. This causes a cascade of adverse reactions within the body, which over time can affect its daily functions such as and leave you feeling exhausted.

We believe in the body’s innate ability to heal itself when given optimum conditions. To facilitate this we will welcome you into a relaxing environment in the heart of Newcastle where you can enjoy our range of treatments aimed at restoring a feeling of wellbeing for your body, mind and consciousness.

We also offer a range of tantalising beauty treatments designed to refresh and rejuvenate your skin.

Number One Thai Massage in Newcastle aims to allow you to look after your wellbeing by offering quality massage in a beautiful environment with affordable prices.


As our name suggests, we are the number one Thai massage service in Newcastle and we plan to keep it that way. Our standards are second to none and you will be pampered like never before.

Our team are highly qualified and equipped with all the knowledge necessary, enabling us to offer clients the most famous, traditional and therapeutic Thai massage and beauty therapies in the world.

You can rest assured that your practitioner’s guidance will be delivered at the highest level.

Kim Beautician & Therapist


Massage Therapist



Massage Therapist

Joy Therapist


Massage Therapist

Rain Beautician & Therapist


Beautician, Massage Therapist, Nail Technician

Rain Beautician & Therapist


Massage Therapist


We offer a full range of massages as well as spa and beauty services, hot waxing and pedicure therapy.

Who Are We?

With years of dedicated training both in our native Thailand and right here in the UK, we are a professional collective of fully qualified massage and beauty therapists.

Our experience spans decades and we’ve enjoyed working and honing our craft in the United Kingdom and our new home in Newcastle.

We love to work with new clients and deliver a high quality service to every single person who comes through our doors.

Why Choose Us?

We listen to our clients and strive to make sure they get the best treatments available to suit their needs and requirements. Everyone is different, and we use all of experience and skill to ensure all our customers look great, feel even better and come back time and time again.

We strongly believe in building long term relationships with our clients and maintain the highest of standards. We deliver high quality massage and beauty services in Newcastle and our extensive range of therapies include: Traditional Thai massage, Thai Herbal Compress, Tok Sen, Deep Tissue Massage, Oil Massage, Aromatherapy, and first class Facial treatments.

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