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A hot stone massage is a type of massage therapy. It helps you relax and ease sore tense muscles and damaged soft tissues throughout your body. During a hot stone massage, smooth, flat, heated stones are placed on specific parts of your body. The lava stones are usually made of basalt, a type of volcanic rock that retains heat. Hot massage stones are heated to between 130 and 145 degrees.

The lava stones may be placed:

  • Along with your spine.
  • On your back, hips, forearms, hands, fingers and Upper and lower legs.
  • On your stomach.
  • On your chest.
  • On your face on your palms.
  • On your feet and toes.

Our massage therapists may hold heated stones as they massage your body using Thai massage and Swedish massage techniques. Sometimes, cold stones are also used during a hot stone massage. Cold stones may be used after hot stones to calm any engorged blood vessels and to soothe the skin.

Benefits of therapy massage.

All massages generally fall under the alternative medicine umbrella. They’re becoming a popular complementary therapy for many conditions.

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Who will not be able to get a hot stone massage?

When performed by a trained therapist, a hot stone massage is generally safe. There are some circumstances where it should be avoided. Consult your doctor before getting a massage if you have:

  • A bleeding disorder or take blood thinners.
  • Burns on your skin.
  • Open wounds.
  • A history of blood clots.
  • Had surgery in the last 6 weeks.
  • A fracture or severe osteoporosis.
  • A low platelet count (thrombocytopenia).
  • Diabetes.
  • Pregnant women.

Advantages of getting a hot thermal stone massage:

1. Help relieve muscle tension and pain.

The heat has long been used to ease muscle tension and pain. It helps increase blood flow to the affected area. It may also reduce muscle spasms and increase flexibility and range of motion.
Cold therapy helps relieve inflammation. Depending on your symptoms, alternating hot and cold stones during your massage could be helpful.

2. Reduce stress and anxiety.

It’s the position of the American Massage Therapy Association that “massage therapy can be effective for stress relief.” Research supports their opinion. A 2001 study showed that a ten-minute massage improved cardiovascular responses such as stroke volume. A 1997 study found that 15-minute, onsite chair massages in the workplace significantly reduced stress compared to a 15-minute break without massage. A 2015 study found that people who underwent abdominal colorectal surgery had less pain, tension, and anxiety after receiving post-operative massage.

3. Promote Sleep.

A hot stone massage helped promote and relaxation sleep. You will be also even more alert, active, and positive upon awakening. Massage is an idea to help you enjoy even more restorative sleep.

4. May relieve symptoms of autoimmune disease.

A Hot stone massage may relieve painful conditions such as fibromyalgia and furthermore Fibromyalgia is a condition that causes widespread, chronic pain.

According to a 2002 study, people with fibromyalgia who received a 30-minute massage slept longer, had fewer trigger points, and had decreased levels of substance P (a substance involved in transmitting pain signals) than people with the condition who received relaxation therapy. Furthermore, research is needed, however, before massage becomes a standard fibromyalgia treatment A 2013 study found that people with rheumatoid arthritis maybe benefit from a moderate-pressure massage, such as hot stone massage. Participants in the study experienced less pain, greater grip strength, and a greater range of motion after one month of massage therapy.

5. May help decrease cancer symptoms.

A large, three-year study published in the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management examined how massage affected pain, fatigue, stress and anxiety, nausea, and depression in 1,290 people with cancer. The study showed massage, especially Swedish massage, improved cancer symptoms, even more in those with substantial symptoms. Researchers believe the comforting use of human touch played a role.

6. May boost immunity.

Massage certainly may give your immune system a boost. According to a 2010 study, a single session of Swedish massage therapy had a positive and acute impact on immunity Blood samples taken before and after the massage showed a decrease in arginine vasopressin, a hormone that helps regulate blood pressure and water retention.


Who will benefit from a combination massage?

Anyone who is experiencing muscle tension and pain, insomnia, or stress maybe benefit from a hot stone massage. If you have a chronic condition that causes pain, talk to your doctor to see if a hot stone massage is a good option for you.

Therefore studies show that a hot stone massage may be a helpful way to reduce stress and anxiety, promote relaxation, also ease pain and muscle tension. It may be helpful for a variety of conditions and circumstances. More study is needed to find out exactly why massage therapy has such a powerful impact. It may have a lot to do with the human touch and for many people, touch offers a sense of connection and security.

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