Massage Treatment’s Things To Do on a Rainy Day

You know that feeling. The sky is overcast, it’s cold and the rain is falling. Makes you want to keep the curtains closed, wrap up in a duvet and hibernate.

The weather will often reflect our mood.

The sun shines and we feel warm and relaxed. The chilly wind blows and we want to curl up. It rains and it seems like everything is spoiled, disappointing. We don’t want to make any effort and feel defeated and maybe sad.

And yet, such conditions can be the perfect opportunity to transform our weary spirit and rise above the ordinary way of things.

We don’t have to let the grim autumn or winter weather stand in the way of our rejuvenation. Armed with an umbrella, raincoat and wellies you can brave the elements and make your way to refuge and replenishment.

There is a place that welcomes you with a smile. It’s warm inside and guaranteed to beat those chills. There is a time that is just for you, and inner space to live and breathe and renew.

Imagine lying down, settling into a journey of relaxation, unwinding the tension and drifting off into the land of your own being, deep into your body, soul and spirit.

Gentle music will play as you relax. Warm oil will be massaged into your tired muscles. Aches and pains will be soothed and you’ll be uplifted and re-energised.

Maybe you just need a delicate touch to melt away the stress, or perhaps a deeper massage to energize and invigorate. Either way, the inner warmth generated will keep you strong against the cold and at peace in the face of the autumn rain and the winter snow.

Full body Thai massage will keep you strong and resilient until the spring brings renewal and rebirth.


No. 1 Thai Massage is the place that welcomes you with a smile. It’s warm inside and guaranteed to beat those winter blues. So get your umbrella and head off through the rain for some real me time.

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Fantastic service and very skilled massaged. Went in for Thai Medical massage therapy for 2 hours and I am feeling great relief to my legs, back and arm pain. I am now feeling much better after this massage and I will highly recommend No.1 Thai Massage & Pink Lane Nail.
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