Thai Professional Massage Services Specialise In Healing Muscular Pains

Beautiful and soft hand 100% satisfying Thai professional massage service. We are in Pink lane near the central train station in Newcastle city. We offer a full range of all massage treatments. Our tranquil setting and blissful bespoke treatment will take you on an exquisite journey towards well-being. Fantastic body massage is provided in a quiet warm and comfortable environment by qualified therapists.Aromatherapy Massage No.1 Thai Massage Newcastle, Massage Newcastle; Thai Traditional Massage and Beauty

The Benefit of Thai professional massage service

Experiencing back pain, sore muscles, headache, migraine or stress? Before visiting the doctor, try a few therapeutic sessions of Thai Massage. Traditional Thai Massage embracing the benefits of Yoga, along with acupressure techniques is a superior therapy owing to the transformation provided by a perfect blend of touch, rhythm and strokes. It is believed massage therapy as practised by the therapyl massage service combination Yoga Massage is as old as The Gautama Buddha era. The oriental culture believes that this therapeutic massage was founded by Jivaka Kumara Bhaccha, the main physician to Mahatma Buddha. Even today, the techniques and benefits of this massage continue to impress and impact millions of people worldwide. If you would like to know about our offers follow us with No.1 Thai massage Fanpage Facebook.

Further traditional thai massage treatments available at No.1 Thai Massage on Pink Lane – Newcastle City Centre

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