Herbal Compress massage

Standard Thai Herbal Compress Massage is a made from Thai herbs

  • It helps with muscle aches and pains, usually in conjunction with Thai massage.
    Lemongrass House Kaffir Lime Leaves Turmeric camphor is a common component of compresses.
  • Diabetics, older people need to be especially careful when using compresses because the skin reacts to slow heat, which can cause blistering or burning skin.
  • Used compresses 1 time can be collected for 3-5 days.
  • If you are interested in Traditional Thai Massage, Traditional Massage See the spa Herbal compress massage package here.

How to massage with Thai Hot Herbal Compress massage?

The proper heat in the compress should not exceed 45 degrees Celsius, which will cause the fibrosis tissue to loosen. Reduce muscle contractions Reduce joint jamming, reduce pain, reduce swelling caused by inflammation. Stimulates blood circulation Herbs also give effect on each of the selected properties, such as pain relief, sprains, sprains, strains, bruises, even if it is an herbal compress massage containing essential oils. The drug comes out with steam and moisture well penetrates into the skin. The aroma of essential oils will help to freshen and relax.


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Thai Compress Massage Kit

1. A cloth for wrapping compresses into cotton or calico fabrics that are tight enough to prevent herbs from falling away.
2. rope
3. Herbal medicine used to make compresses
4. scale For weighing herbs to the correct amount.
5. stove
6. Pot for steaming compresses
7. Compress Saucer

The most popular Thai herbal compress massage benefits

  • Pyle: Relieves aches and pains, reduces inflammation, relieves muscles, reduces stress, bruises, swelling.
  • Kaffir lime skin or kaffir lime leaves: Contains essential oils that give a pleasant aroma to help you feel fresh, breathe a sigh, relieve dizziness. Fixing bruising in helps drive the wind.
  • Lemongrass Home: Contains essential oils to give you a refreshing aroma, relieve bruises, aches and pains, relieve muscle strain.
  • Tamarind leaves: Helps the tendon slack, relieves rashes, helps to brighten the skin, shine.
  • Turmeric cane: helps reduce inflammation Cure skin diseases, relieve bruises, swelling. Solve sprains
  • Turmeric: relieves swelling, bruises, sprains, relieves skin rashes, nourishes the skin.
  • Camphor: Painkillers along the lines, analgesics, sprains, swelling and odors also help to breathe clear, relieve nasal congestion.
  • Pimpsen(Campor): Helps to compose, relieve blisters, reduce rashes, smells that help to breathe clear.
  • Fluffy orange leaves: nourishes the skin, relieves skin diseases, reduces pressure, helps to weaken tendons, relieves aches and pains.
  • Persimmon leaves: relieves bruising in, reduces pain, swelling, bruises
  • Sea salt or sea salt: Helps to suck heat, allowing the drug to penetrate into the skin easily. It has a disinfecting effect.
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Presured Herbal compress

How to use Thai Herbal Compresses ball?

1. Rinse the prepared herbs and drain them.

2. Cut the prepared herbs into pieces and cook together roughly.

3. Mix the bergamot skin with tamarind leaves, mix with verse 1, and add salt, camphor, mash and cook into a homogeneous way, but do not let it be so fine that it is wet and watery.

4. Divide the finished medicine into 2 equal parts, make 2 compresses, each with a white cloth wrapped in a compress and tighten it with a rope.

5. Steam the resulting compress in a steamer 1 ball at a time, steaming for 15-20 minutes.

6. Apply a heated compress to the patient with symptoms by swapping the compress between these two balls.

Herbal Compress Massage Procedures

1. Properly position the patient, such as lying on your back, sitting on your side, depending on where the herbal compress will be performed.

2. Apply a compress to the heat and apply it to the area where you want to compress. Especially in areas with aches and pains (test the heat of the compress by touching the belly, arms or palms).

3. In the early stages of compressing, the compress should be placed directly on the patient’s skin at speed. It’s busy soaking for a long time, because at the beginning the compress is still hot. Patients will not tolerate much heat, or if the compress is very hot or the patient does not tolerate heat well, there should be a towel wrapped on the compress at first before touching the patient’s skin.

4. When the compresses heat down, the compress can be placed longer, and if you want to continue to compress, continue steaming the same ball. Bring a new ball to the compress instead of following the 2-3-4 procedure.

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