How to give a Traditional Thai Massage?

Traditional Thai Massage, you will receive a warm and friendly greeting at the door and from that moment on you can relax. A team of highly skilled women, well trained in the ancient art of Traditional Thai Massage, will help to release your physical and emotional stress. They can also help with a spread of injuries that affect muscle and bone. Or if you only need pampering they will provide that too. The surroundings are clean and well maintained and therefore the ambience is geared towards your complete relaxation.

We refers and explain more details of Traditional Thai Massage, how to use of hands or feet on different parts of the body as we know as alternative medicine. Since the skin Subcutaneous fat, fascia and muscle with the characteristics of pressing, rolling, pinching, pinching, pulling, stroking, twisting, winding, crushing, vibrating, bending, slapping, smashing and treading, etc.

The surroundings

Clean and well maintained and the ambience is geared towards your complete relaxation.

Our modern world

We are subject to stress. Lots of it. But stress is an unnatural force, caused by unnecessary tension in the body.

Method of different Thai massage style

Thai massage, especially traditional Thai massage There will be a variety of massage techniques, including the use of fingers. And other parts of the body And there are many different massage styles. Each of which has its own strengths and weaknesses Learning a number of massage techniques will help you make the right choice.

1. Press

Pressing is often used with fingers as a force carrier. Which may be used with only one finger or several fingers, generally used as the thumb as the main character Because they are fingers that are stronger than other fingers The finger placement technique may be pressed straight down. With the middle of the fingers at the second joint, not using the fingertips to press May only press one finger. Or use both thumbs to place on each other to press down Or some people may use one thumb at the pressure point And the other side can overlap it as well That pressing technique Usually applied to specific areas This will put the weight precisely on the point, but will be used with general massage of the muscles. Pressing technique is the most common technique we use.

2. Rolling

Rolling is a circular motion, not just pressing it. Is also moving around that area. It is usually used on large muscles that require a lot of exertion, we may use our fingers, palms. Or the ridge of the hand to roll Muscles relax well, and you will feel comfortable, which is gentle, mild, if done correctly.

3. Squeezing

This method is often used by us. Already natural When the pain is ached, the muscles are massaged, squeezing is the act of applying force directly to the muscle. Want all muscles to relax, they are often used on large muscles such as arms, legs, back, etc., and are good for those muscles that are tightened.

4. Twisting

Twisting is the movement of muscles horizontally, holding muscles, ligaments, and joints. By holding the muscles in the palm of the hand Then twist and spin through the muscles It is mostly used on large muscles such as limbs and back.

5. bending

Bending is often used on hard joints. Or have contrary symptoms in the joints This technique is quite skilful as it can be very dangerous. On membranes, ligaments, muscles, and joints, as bending is often harsh on the organs, so be sure it’s absolutely safe. To use this technique


Pulling is to pick up the stretched muscle. It is often used for cases of contraction of muscles and tendons. This pulling technique requires some skill as well. Because it relates to the joints where the injured area is weak And may be easily torn If we use too much tension

7.Breaking, knocking and chopping

Pounding, tapping and chopping are rhythmic exertions. May use a loose fist Using the ridge of the hand or the palm of the hand Tap the chop down to the desired area. To relax the muscles It is mostly used on large muscles such as back, neck, shoulders, etc.


Stepping is a technique that villagers have been using since the time of grandparents who like to let their grandchildren come up and massage them. They are often used on large muscles such as limbs, hind legs, but can be very dangerous because the pedal shifts the weight less accurately. Often exerting too much Causing injury from the massage Especially the spine should not be used to step on. Because it is the pathway of the spinal cord If the spine is broken or collapsed, damaging the spinal cord Will cause paralysis, so if you use this technique, be sure of your skill. And must be sure that it is safe to use.

Method of Thai massage modern

Traditional Thai massage, it is a combination of different massage methods. Available in the Newcastle city centre And abroad It consists of the following massage characteristics.

1. Deep stroking

Deep stroking is the palm of the hand, focusing on applying pressure on the fingertips to the skin of the part to be massaged from the top to the end of the organ that will be massaged continuously. When the end of the part to be massaged, then gently rubbed. Without having to exert much effort in order to achieve continuity in the massage

2. Applying pressure

Massage using this pressure. Will act to the tissue layer under the skin And muscles By exerting forces on different parts of the body Well, that action has to be a rhythm of exertion. And let loose alternately For speed The pressing depth can be adjusted as appropriate, divided into 3 characteristics. Deep rolling is the use of the palm attached to the skin of the part to be massaged to apply pressure to the skin.

Traditional Thai massage for couple

Traditional Thai Massage What to expect?


1. Vascular system

– improves blood circulation

– Helps blood vessels to expand by reflex- Helps increase the amount of blood the heart squeezes out.

– Helps reduce pulse rate Lowering blood pressure

– Help to increase the number And increase the size of red blood cells And through the capillary vessels

– improves cell nutrition- Helps reduce muscle swelling

– Helps to get rid of more waste in the cells

– Helps reduce pain Reduce muscle swelling And reduce muscle fatigue

– Helps to increase the ability to work, increase metabolism.

2. Lymphatic system – The effect of the massage will have the effect of increasing the lymph flow more well. Its implementation helps reduce swelling. Reduce symptoms of fibrosis

3. The muscular system – The traditional Thai massage effect of massage helps loosen the muscles. We’ll separated muscle fibres can stimulate muscle contraction better. Its implementation improves the softness. Reduce muscle contraction Reduce the adhesion of the muscles Increase body readiness

4. Skeletal System and Bone – The massage effect increases bone mineral content such as nitrogen, sulphur and phosphorus, its use helps the bone stick well.

Thai massage makes for good health and relaxation which can be divided into several categories:

  1. Oil massage

A traditional Thai massage apply on body massage using pure natural oils such as jojoba, almond and natural scents. Helps to refresh, relax and relieve stress with a unique fragrance used in the treatment of symptoms such as insomnia, stress, depression. Moreover, pure oil helps to nourish the skin. And tighten the shape Makes the muscles not sagging and dissolves the body fat. The heat of the massage oils penetrates deep into the skin and muscles. Helps to feel light and comfortable

2. Swedish massage

Relaxing massage, it is a hygienic Swedish massage according to ancient Thai patterns. Which directly affects the body and mind, causing the circulation of blood Relieve tired muscles Treat body aches, relieve stress, sprains, help health. animated Mind relax.

3. Foot massage

Foot Viral Massage Foot massage is a balance in the body. Helps the circulatory system to the various organs within the body better. Resulting in the excretion of waste from the cells Adjust the homeostasis of the body to improve overall health.

4. Sports Massage

Excessive exercise May cause muscle contraction or fatigue. Sport massage is a massage to relax the muscles. Helps the muscles to relax

5. Deep Tissue Massage

Massage to treat pain in specific areas. Or by joints Adhesion of the body membranes to relax.

6. Aroma Therapy Massage

It is an oil massage. To relax all muscles of the body

7. Herbal Compress Massage

It is the use of herbal compress balls. Compress on the body To relax tight or stressed muscles comfortably

8. Head Massage – Migraine

It is a massage to relieve headache. It will press on the pain point area. Deep rolling is the use of the palm attached to the skin of the part to be massaged to apply pressure to the skin.

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