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Massage therapists at No.1 Thai massage & Pink lane Newcastle City Centre. We offer the most professional & best relaxing treatment massage techniques from Shoulder Massage to the ultimate Full Body Hot Stone Massage to a stress-relieving Swedish Massage or a relaxing head massage or couple massage at our wellbeing centre in Newcastle Upon Tyne

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What treatments massage Newcastle are improve your pain?

Back pain

Chronic back pain syndrome

Suffering from chronic back pain. It can greatly undermine the quality of life of a person. Doing activities in daily life such as standing, walking, sitting, driving for a long time. Or the need to lift heavy objects on a regular basis It can be a common cause of pain in the back, lumbar or hip muscles. These symptoms need to be treated properly and properly. This will gradually reduce the pain symptoms and bring the patient back to a better quality of life. This massage parlour in Newcastle upon Tyne is treated by a professional therapist. It is different from a relaxing massage. Because the masseuse will have knowledge Anatomy expertise such as the nervous system, muscles, ligaments, joints and back bones. Can therefore diagnose Provide precise and safe treatment for the root cause of chronic back pain. The most common causes of chronic back pain are active muscle stiffness, herniated disc.

Lower back pain office chair

Office syndrome - Neck and Shoulder Pain

Pain that is often caused by work. It can be treated by the place call No.1 Thai massage Newcastle treatment with a professional license

Sitting at your desk on a daily basis can cause pain in many areas of your body. This symptom is called Office syndrome And found in people who behave Lifting heavy objects regularly Accumulated for a long time until the muscles in the neck, shoulder, shoulder to contract accordingly. Most of the causes of office syndrome are linked to improper posture. When sitting for a long time A licensed doctor can manage office syndrome. Obtained by therapeutic massage Introduction to action And teach exercise to stretch the muscles The masseuses can assess the pain of the patient and detect sore spots of the muscles, nerves and bone problems to find the cause of that pain.

Improves Mood And Anxiety

Migraine - Headachetle Goes Here

Expert treatment To relieve severe migraine headaches
Migraine headaches are a recurring problem. There is a throbbing pain in the rhythm of the pulse. Often pain in one of the temples And also has pain in the eye socket In some cases, it can be severe to nausea and vomiting. The triggers that cause pain often come from stress, sunlight, sleep deprivation, and most people suffer from migraine headaches. Or taking medications for migraine headaches to temporarily relieve symptoms But the root cause of this problem cannot be treated with only medication. Massage therapy located in Newcastle city centre is one option that can reduce the frequency of migraine headaches. And reduce the need for pain relievers such as Ibuprofen. It is treated in the muscles involved in migraine headaches, such as the occipital, neck base, upper back, and the muscles close to the spine. Treatment for migraine headaches requires a number of treatments.

Relief For Osteoarthritis

Limbs numbness & weakness

Restoring limbs numbness and weakness With the holistic treatment of applied Thai traditional medicine

Muscle and nerve injury It can cause weakness in arms and legs. In patients with paralysis of the disease Parkinson’s disease Herniated disc disease Or even excessive spasm of the muscles causing bad blood flow to the end. Or compression of the nerve It can cause limb numbness and weakness to occur. One of the treatments for exhaustion Or numbness in the arms and legs is effective massage treatment, herbal compress. And steam the herbs Or an infrared sauna system That helps the blood flow better and stimulate the work of the nervous system. Make the body recover itself quickly. They are experts in the natural and effective treatment of these symptoms.

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At No.1 Thai Massage and Spa Newcastle, UK. We will certainly make sure you have a positive therapy massage experience, Our massage therapist trained to work with qualified and more than 4 years experience.

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